by Emily Klein




Somewhere, elsewhere. A place between arrival & departure.

Walking down the street, I go to the local cafe, and pick up a coffee right as the sun is coming up. Sitting and watching the sun rise on the grass, I slowly sip and enjoy the smell of the fresh cup and soak in the colors before my eyes.

Pants: Lykke Wullf
Top: Christina Lehr
Jewels: Wolf Circus

Strolling up the stairs into the yoga room full of quietness and morning light and the inviting smell of Palo Santo burning, I lay my mat down and watch the ocean out the window flow. I hear the birds chirping and suddenly the gong begins to play. I tune into the class and let all the other thoughts leave my mind.

A crisp smell of the ocean tempts me as the sun glistens over the water at least 15 hours per day. Quickly changing into my swimsuit, I am searching for sun, seashells, and sand. Wandering into a quiet cove, a quick stroll from my home sits Gordon’s Bay. A place full of rocks and glitter in the water. Gordon’s consists of all sorts of textures and scenes. Cliff hangs being popular on any sort of afternoon. Opportunities for snorkeling through the marine wildlife and crystal blue-green waters arose. Bodies are basking amongst and atop the rocks, while reading books and listening to the sounds of the sea and breeze become one, and the ocean again crashing up softly against the rocks. Catch up’s and laughs with friends occur in such graceful ways.

I continue to stroll along this coastal path leading into broader beaches filled with tons of people, enjoying themselves, and the simple Australian lifestyle. Sandy and inviting, the swimmers and surfers lay on the beach covered in striped towels and umbrellas. The coast filled with rocks in all sorts of colors. Peaches, creams, ivories, and tan tones, and the list goes on, every color in my dream palette.

I set down my tote bag, and towel in the crack of the rock, and tie my hair up as I feel the water with my toes and get a rush of excitement through my body ready to jump in and go for a swim. It is nearly 25°C at 9 A.M. in the morning. Walking down the steps of the rock pool, I have a huge smile on my face wiggling my toes around. I hop in and immediately feel a clear mind and remember there is nothing like being young and having the freedom that we do at this age. These rock pools truly put me at ease. The ocean water brings me a sense of healing and renewing.

Two Piece Set: Angie Bauer
Jewels: Wolf Circus

I search the shore of the sand for seashells, and rocks and come across all sorts of unique looking pieces in all different shapes and sizes. Sorting shells is one way I really like to clear my mind and get my creative feel going. ​

Dress: Nation LTD
Jewels: Wolf Circus

Top: Angie Bauer
Skirt: Corey Lynn Calter

Dress: Lykke Wullf

After my swim and seashell hunt, I set off to my favorite place in all of Sydney, Orchard St. Organic Juice and Elixir Bar. A place that enhances my everyday life and keeps me on the correct path to wellness. I order a golden turmeric iced elixir (mmmm) with cashew mylk and two of my favorite alchemies added; radiance and purification, a truffle of wild rose Loco Love with pearl aka magical chocolate. A dream. Hehe. My elixir comes out in a beautiful beaker glass with a gold straw, overflowing with goodness, and edible flowers, my drink is full of sunshine. These edible flowers are so interesting to me because they make the drink look like it is a masterpiece. I pull out my sketchbook and doodle all sorts of things inspired by the beauty of the elixir. I sit on the magic carpet and sip and take in all of my surroundings. The afternoon sun, the sounds of Bondi and all the friendly faces that I see having a day. Finishing my afternoon in the same sort of way it started, I am grateful for where I am. A place called Sydney, Australia. One of the most fulfilling adventures I’ve embarked on. I had landed in Australia right towards the end of summer. And to say the least, the most perfect time of year. I dropped my bags at my quaint Airbnb ready to set. The quiet town of Coogee was now going to be called home for the next months. Exploring and lazing through the streets while admiring the beautiful old buildings and the warm feeling of this welcoming little community.

Two Piece : She Made Me

bodysuit : Lykke Wullf

The sun will rise again tomorrow and I will repeat…

Emily Rose Klein by Ashley Wilhardt

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