Spicy Love Party

by Cayenne

On our favorite day of the week (Wine Wednesday), we celebrated the release of Cayenne’s newest edition, Spicy Love. In our first ever hard-cover book we asked over sixty-nine people what love means to them. Inside the pages are the perspectives (and lip prints) of young and old, single and married, artists, moms, entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, grandpas, comedians, models, therapists, football players, and so much more!

Crème Collective hosted us in their beautiful event space and we were well fed by Trenta Pizza & Cucina. Love songs echoed through the room as new and old friends joined together, and we celebrated everyone who encompasses these 100 pages. We sipped on the most delicious wine thanks to Tank Garage Winery, and kombucha courtesy of Juneshine – who both have been a part of Cayenne events since day one!

The evening was filled with plates of pizza and heart balloons. Alyssa Taylor from Argaux took us through an amazing wine tasting, and featured some of my favorites such as Stolpman’s Love You Bunches. Robbie McInerny of Willbo also partnered with Cayenne to create the most spicy sweat set that was debuted this evening, sending our loved ones home in something comfy.

Purchase your copy of Spicy Love.

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