Queen of Hearts

by Victoria McGrath

C: How many heart tattoos do you have ?

Vix: “I have, I think, 38 or 39?I guess I could count but maybe it seems more mysterious to have the reader really in a state of suspense about my heart number tattoo.”  [ she giggles at her own“joke”]

C: How did the hearts start?

Vix: “I’ve been drawing hearts my whole life ( Like every other girl in the world ) and I used to tell people it was my fave shape. But I feel like tattoos play a big role in vix and her hearts. My first ever tattoo happened to be a heart with a treble clef and cross going thru it. I designed it myself and by designed I mean doodled it on my homework in high school. Anyway the treble clef ended up being backwards-AKA a cursive capital “S.” That part I did not design, that part was an accident. But it’s not a “ first tattoo” if it’s not really stupid… amirite? Obviously I did not regret it for a millisecond. It’s all part of the story. Later my c section scar went right thru it, so now it’s crooked cursive capital“S”.  Eggsalent. But the actual “heart thing “ didn’t start till like 10 years later or something, then I got 7 hearts for the 7 years my dad had been in heaven . Then Amelie drew 5 for her 5th birthday, then everyone in my family drew one then some friends and then I was like fuck it and got the heart I had been drawing on my face for years, tattooed…and then tattooed hearts on my hands and neck and chest. And all while heart doodles were infiltrating my body, and the left side of my body was becoming a human middle school binder … the hearts were also earning a secure place in my “signature.” Literally my signature but also like my VIXAVAGE signature.”


C: Okay so what is it about Hearts? Are you ever gonna be like “Okay that’s enough hearts”?

Vix: “oh, juicy kwesh. You know what I love ? I love that hearts always look good, they’re one hundred percent universally a symbol of love and everyone can draw one, which makes all hearts individual. And I love love and I love individuality so.. But really, constantly being surrounded by and attracted to this shape/symbol of love is a very much needed positive reminder to myself and anyone who looks at me ( hopefully). Hearts are transformative, both spiritually and also literally I paint or draw over stains on my clothes with little ( or big ) black hearts, baddabing. Like I mentioned earlier, I started drawing a heart on my face in like 2011 when I worked at the MAC counter. And 5 years later I finally walked into a shop in Brooklyn and was like “esqueeze me sir can you tattoo my face?” Also on that note I will add one really powerful part of the hearts, especially as tattoos is that they transcend judgement. What I mean is, you see a girl, especially a mom, with tattoos everywhere even ON HER FACE and inevitably there’s a POSSIBLE snap judgment about who I am. I must be some punk rock girl who dates a guy in a band, we both do drugs sometimes and chain smoke cigarettes.Okay I’m sure it’s not as much judgement now a days but the girl has her face tattooed … ya but don’t worry guys it’s of a heart. So it’s like is she a biker chick badass or is she a care bear/ Bratz doll? ( nope she’s just a girl who was a girl scout till senior year, went to catholic school her whole life, has only ever smoked weed and is really not generally known to have more than one drink and actually does love everyone in real life not just on Instagram). POINT BEING, if anyone puts me in a negative narrow-minded “tattooed girl” category, they notice it’s mostly hearts and I feel like there’s a shift. I just want everybody to love everybody and I want to love myself and I want my daughter to love herself and everybody, so I guess I just hope I’m a walking billboard for that. Hearts are cool. I’m grateful for them. You’re cool. I’m grateful for you.”

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