He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

by Ashley Wilhardt

Took a trip to Los Angeles to visit The Unlikely Florist in his Venice studio…

What is your job description? 

Can I get a couple slashes? … Artist / Entrepreneur / Florist / Carpenter/ and a Fuckin Model because we live in the age of Instagram!

Where are you from?
Originally from New Zealand.

Where do you live now?
Currently in Venice, Los Angeles.

What brought you to Venice? What keeps you in L.A. as an entrepreneur? 

What brought me to Venice was the dream of becoming a working actor in Hollywood… and also a desire to learn a new way of life. I had never lived in a city before… I think that there’s obviously a lot of opportunity in this city.  And while I wanted to become an actor, and that was essentially the goal… I think that, you know, it was more to come to a city and see what could come of it. You walk out the door every day and you never know who you’re gonna meet or what you’re gonna do.  I think that was a pretty alluring idea.  

How did “The Unlikely Florist” come to be, and what was the inspiration behind the name?

It came to be when I was out of work as an actor… I had worked officially as an actor in New Zealand… but over here it was maybe in commercials, and still made plenty of money doing it… but yeah, was out of work.  I wasn’t particularly creatively fulfilled because I wasn’t getting the opportunity to really stretch my instrument as an actor. So I turned to flowers on a whim and kind kind of out of nowhere to express myself creatively.  It just sort of turned into a business right off the bat. 

When did you realize you could turn your passion into a career?

I think I realized that what I was doing could be a career, before it was even the passion. 

First thing you notice about a person?

I think it’s probably their best quality…. whatever that is.  It changes person to person, and it’s always the thing that I think is the most positive attribute they have.  

Any pet peeves?

Nah… probably too many to list.

How do you take your coffee?

Americano with a splash of milk. And it could be almond or it could be regular.

If you could be anywhere else in the world right now, where would you be?

I guess I want to be…. Well… Have you noticed how good it’s been around here lately? Yeah I think I’m pretty happy right here, right now.  

Any life mottos?

“I am one with the creative power that sustains all life.” Or Henry David Thoreau’s “Simplicity is the law of Nature for man as well as for flowers.”

Drink of choice?

A cold beer… A cold beer after a long day.

Cats or dogs?

Do we need to discriminate?

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

First thing that comes to mind is… “Anything easy ain’t worth takin.”  It’s the kind of advice you get when you say goodbye to someone and you say “Take it easy,”… and their reply is “Anything easy ain’t worth takin!”

Worst advice you’ve ever been given?

Probably something I was told at prep school.  Probably something along the lines of… “If you don’t wear your socks up to your knees you won’t be respected.” Something like that. You know? Something that just makes no sense whatsoever.  

Spencer Falls the Unlikely Florist

Photography by Ashley Wilhardt

As seen in Cayenne No.1

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