by Nicolette Gazsi

One early morning we met up with long time friend and muse, Nicolette Gazsi at her beautifully chic apartment in Silverlake, Los Angeles.  A morning spent discussing all things art, fashion, and food, and what it means to see the beauty in everything.

CAYENNE: You are such a fashion icon, who also presents this perfectly curated and aesthetically unique platform (instagram) online to describe yourself. Give us a little background on who you are, where you are from, and how you got to where you are today?

NICOLETTE: ahh so sweet thank you! I’m from Orange County, CA. I grew up with two amazing, full time working parents and my brother. My mom in fashion and my dad owning an alarm installation company. From an early age I had always been very creative, my mom is also my biggest role model so working in the fashion industry was the perfect scenario. 

My marketing position at Frame was earned by years of internships, commuting, long conversations with my dad, tears and long long hours. But besides the hard work, my career growth also came with a lot of amazing professional relationships, new comfort zones, travel and learning opportunities. I still have so much further to go but I am beyond thankful and proud of myself to be where I am at currently.

CAYENNE: What and who inspires you?

NICOLETTE: everything and everyone inspires me. Whether it’s historical events, art movements, music, vintage fashion, or photography, friends, strangers I meet, people I observe. Something I’m always thinking about is how/why this might be and how does it/ can it relate to me or my work now. The two values I’m most drawn to is depth and difference. If something or something has depth and is different from the rest.  

CAYENNE: What’s your sign?

NICOLETTE: Libra and very much so. 

CAYENNE: You are in digital marketing with Frame. What does your job entail?

NICOLETTE: I am the Social Media Manager. I am responsible for content production, copywriting, and digital marketing strategies. I’m working with every department: design, sales, ecom, PR and creative in order to have our social media tell Frame’s brand story. A few of the things I’m doing day to day may be producing photoshoots, designing graphic material, working with celebrities, and influencers for product placement, or analytic reporting. Social media management involves so many creative and strategic responsibilities. I love it all! 

CAYENNE: You worked at For Love and Lemons before Frame, how has it changed or shaped your career in fashion? 

NICOLETTE: I worked at For Love and Lemons for 4 years beginning as an intern and ending as the Social Media Manager. Because the company is very small, I had to work with little to no resources. If I couldn’t hire a model I would model the products myself, we didn’t have a graphic designer for most of my time there so I had to do it all, and if I wanted to implement video production I had to learn how to do it myself. This job was the hardest job I have ever had but it groomed me to be someone that knows how to do almost every role in marketing.

CAYENNE: What is your perspective on the fashion industry today? How do you see it changing or evolving?

NICOLETTE: The fashion industry has always been a very shallow, self-serving place in my opinion but with global warming becoming such a serious issue, sustainable practices are also becoming increasingly necessary in order to attract people to purchase with you. 

CAYENNE: What do you see your future role being in the fashion world? Any desire to start your own company/line/business?

NICOLETTE: I can see my future role being head of creative or marketing. I would love to own my line one day. 

CAYENNE: How do you “dress to impress”?

NICOLETTE: looking nice without trying too hard. My favorite outfit is an oversized men’s buttondown, wranglers and a little heel.   

CAYENNE: Art and fashion coincide as one, most of the time. You seem to have a very distinct eye in the sense that the art around you reflects your fashion and visa versa. I’m in awe of your apartment! From the way you designed it to the perfect placement of each object, the color scheme, and so on. You make me want to be more creative! How does art affect you? Can an everyday object be a work of art? 

NICOLETTE: Art is something so special to me. Art is so many things, it’s comforting and entertaining, it brings a sense of togetherness even if it’s all over the place. People describe art in so many ways and I can confidently say I can concur with anyone’s view.  As a Libra, I see the beauty in everything around me and I love nothing more than collecting pretty things. 

CAYENNE: Art is not only found in fashion. What a wonderful transition to another favorite topic of mine…. Food! From your recipes to the ingredients you use, and your final presentation… you make cooking look glamorous, beautiful, and for lack of a better word, a work of art! Tell us more! What’s the role of food in your life?

NICOLETTE: I am Italian so food is everything to my family and my upbringing. Cooking is my therapy and escape. 

CAYENNE: Did you teach yourself to cook? 

NICOLETTE: My nana and mom taught me, there are a few things like cooking vegan or gluten-free that I had to teach myself (and still have much to learn!)

CAYENNE: You started Pepper Et Olive! Tell us about it. 

NICOLETTE: A little info behind the name: Pepper and olive are my favorite flavors. I made Pepper Et Olive to be a little archive of my recipes, food, nature and art that inspires me. 

CAYENNE: What inspired you to create this ode to your nana and papa?

NICOLETTE: My nana and papa are my grandparents who raised me along with my mom and dad. They hold such a special place in my heart and are my greatest blessing. They taught me all about the importance of family, food and hard work. 

CAYENNE: Can you share your favorite recipe?

NICOLETTE: Lucky you! This is my all-time favorite. My Nana used to make me this cake for my birthday. 

Interview with Nicolette Gazsi

Photography by Ashley Wilhardt

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