Faking It

by Connor Masich

[Connor] : I met Ashley like three years ago, but we’d followed each other on Instagram for probably six. She followed me back when I thought I was gonna be a photographer– back when being a photographer was just adding a shit ton of grain to iPhone shots in VSCO. In reality I didn’t even own a DSLR and almost never used my point and shoot, and definitely wasn’t shooting anything on film. But the coolest thing was I could fake it on Instagram. 

Everybody’s faking something on social media. This isn’t a groundbreaking thought, but while there’s arguably more negatives that are affecting an entire generation (the largest generation to date) than positives, I want to throw my hat in the ring here with a different perspective.

At its core, we have this invisible platform to be whatever or whoever we want, to create whatever we want and publish it for a global community. It’s insane.

While some call it ‘fake,’ I like to think of it as surreal. That’s when I started creating images that reflected this view, with a mix of real and fantasy; surrealism. It’s dreamy and oddly satisfying.

Images that take me somewhere that doesn’t exist.

By Connor Masich

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