Drink Like An Italian

by Cayenne

Cin cin! 

For me, Italy means to fall in love. I’m not sure if it’s the way the Tuscan sun glistens through the cobblestone streets… al dente pasta… the longing to melt into a sea of turquoise water… windows down, driving through olive groves… the smell of truffle… granitas in the morning… the sound of someone greeting you with a ‘Ciao Bella”… church bells… olives + potato chips… or the taste of Chianti Classico hitting your lips… but it’s intoxicating!

Whether you’re love drunk or wine drunk, Italy has this ability to completely seduce you and makes you long yo return, again and again, for the rest of your life! Al cuore non si comanda! Even the Italian language can make you fall in love. Italian may even be the most romantic language in the world. A language created by artists, who’s priorities were beauty and melody over all else.

With Italy being the world’s largest producer of wine, they know a thing or two about how to drink it. We wanted to be able to capture the essence of an evening in our favorite cities, and bring it everywhere we went. Drink Like An Italian was born. Our pocket book, How to Drink Like an Italian, has everything you need to know when it comes to drinking the Italian way. Discover la dolce vita and transport yourself to an evening in Italy, wherever you may be. 

With this book you can learn about history, tradition, wine regions, tasting techniques, and most importantly… how to drink like an Italian!

Before the launch of this perfetto little pocket book, we hosted 3 evenings to come together for a cultural exchange, enjoying good food and delizioso vino. An overview of each night is below:


GIOVEDÌ : Thursday, October 13th, Aperitivo @ The Lido House. 5PM-7PM.

Aperitivo: Derived from the Latin aperire, the tradition is meant “to open” the stomach before dining. 

L’appetito vien mangiando! Start the wine-dinner series off and join us for a delizioso Aperitivo + Vino! Thursday night you will get to experience one of our favorite cultural rituals at The Mayor’s Table Trellis. Cheers – cin cin – over drinks and appetizers and indulge in unique spritzes and wine, while learning all about the fun that can be had in the hours between work and dinner.

VENERDÌ : Friday, October 14th @ Trenta Pizza & Cucina. 6PM-9PM.

Friday, begin your evening with Pizza e Bollicine. We will start our night by indulging in an aperitivo of pizzas and sparkling wines, while coming together to mingle and meet new friends. 

Next, sit down and cozy up! We are having our favorite style dinner… famiglia style! This is one of the staples of Italian dining, with the idea that this style helps to facilitate conversations and new ideas amongst friends and family. Say that’s amore over traditional dishes, coursed out with the perfect wine pairings to accompany each bite. Come as strangers and leave as family. We can’t imagine a better way to start the weekend!

SABATO : Saturday, October 15th @ The Arc Bottle Shop. 6PM-9PM. 

Finalmente, Saturday evening will take place at The Arc Bottle Shop. Amongst a community table we will come together for a luxurious five-course meal curated by Noah Blom. This meal will transport you across various regions of Italy; from Liguria to Salerno to Calabria and beyond! With Italy’s diverse varietal of grapes, tonight you will surely discover wines you have never experienced before. 

Fall in love with the Italian way by enjoying carefully paired wines with exquisite courses, and even better company. 

 TUTTO ($550): Not ready to leave Italy after just one evening? Discover la dolce vita and enjoy ALL THREE evenings of Cayenne’s wine dinner series with Massimo Coppetti. Secure your seat Thursday-Saturday with the discounted TUTTO ticket and don’t miss a moment! 

*All attendees with TUTTO will also receive a free copy of our special pocket book, How To Drink Like An Italian.

Stay tuned for more exciting events!

Beviamo alla nostra! Salute!

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