Busts of Burden

by Gilly Gilly

Meet artist Gilly Gilly. The talented illustrator, stylist, graphic designer and creative muse shares her story along with her ongoing series of busts…

CAYENNE: Hi Gilly! Can you tell us about your journey to becoming an artist?

GILLY: I grew up in Orlando Florida and made way to San Diego a few years ago.  Growing up, I loved to draw so I would fill out as many sketchbooks as I could until I saw a personal style develop. Who I am as a person and artist remains a mystery to me.

CAYENNE: What inspires you?

GILLY: My work is highly inspired by 1940s/50s animation, cheeky literature, cult horror, Rock and Roll, fashion, tattoo flash… I could go on eternally. The formula is to visualize dark humor and juxtapose it with a hint of pink. The bust drawings are used to portray effervescent sexuality, my inner dialogue, and romantic at heart.

CAYENNE: Where are you going? How does your art change the world?

GILLY: I am slowly figuring what I’m about through the creative process. I don’t know if my work changes the world per se,  but hopefully I can arrive to the grave being loathed and loved in equal measure with a dirty halo, and an adrenalin grin spread across my face. 

CAYENNE: What is your favorite medium to work with?

GILLY: I love ink, acrylic, and mixed media. I have the most fun painting on top of modern and vintage photography!

CAYENNE: Do you have any advice on how to overcome creative blocks?

GILLY: In words of the lovely Penny Lane:

“Go to the record store and visit your friends.”

View more of Gilly Gilly’s work at gillygillydesign.com.

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