A New Decade

by Cayenne

2019 built Cayenne.  It was the foundation and building block that sparked a fire to create something we could be proud of.  Something that would motivate us every morning, and keep us awake every night. 2019 brought our first print magazine. It brought new friends, new colleagues, new opportunities, and new trips to Italy. 2019 we made it a habit to surround ourselves with great people, and in return were rewarded with great ideas.  2019 brought this new beautiful website, and a business license (finally).

Entering a new decade, we have some big plans.  New resolutions and new goals…

A big thank you to everyone that played such a huge role in our year. Thank you Sahand Nayebaziz and Leah Vitrano for being such an important and intricate part of my day to day. Wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you Spencer Falls, Felix Galvan, Vince Fusco, The whole team at Tank Winery and Flying Embers for our October Book Release Party.  Hands down our favorite night of the year. Thank you Zoey Story, Julian Martin, Katy Puccinelli, Victoria McGrath, Olivia Jones, and everyone that continue to be so involved and important through every phase. And thank you to everyone that bought a book and supported us.

Hannah Hunsaker

Photographed by Ash Wilhardt